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Monday, July 28, 2008


checker3112: There i posted i wanna be a mod...
checker3112: i am gonan do an amazing job as chat mod ...
checker3112: Newb Asks checker : how to you mine
checker3112: Checker Says : Umm ummmm *Cooughs * read the first steps
checker3112: i will always say that
checker3112: how do you mine
checker3112: first steps...
checker3112: how do you fly
checker3112: first stseps..
checker3112: whats a planet
checker3112: go to school
ptApocalyptica: Well you wont last very long then as a mod ^^
checker3112: you never know lol
ptApocalyptica: Well I do, as I am the admin and responsible for the quality of the mods :p
checker3112: ....
checker3112: cgreat
checker3112: i've been talkin to my boss for the past 20mins saying how i won't do my job...
ptApocalyptica: ^^

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